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For Sale By Owners

“It was indeed a tough decision for us to list our home with a realty firm after initially trying to sell it on our own. Our home was on a well-travelled road right in a location that gave us good exposure to traffic. We thought it would be easy for us to sell on our own, but after 3 months of mediocre response to newspaper ads and open houses, we were glad and relieved when Connections Realty came along and helped us sell our house. What we loved about your approach was that you didn’t put any pressure on us. Before we listed our house with you, we spoke to so many Realtors who seemed to be simply trying to get a listing. You came along and offered some very valuable tips, outlines your innovative marketing plan, then let us alone to decide if we needed your services. You did not let us down when we listed with you. Your creative approach to marketing was effective, you did not pressure us on any decisions, and you were fun to work with!  Our house got expeditiously sold and we made wonderful new friends!  Keep up the Great Work!”

John and Kendra


“It was a sunny, sultry afternoon in August. After listing or home for sale with an agent for 6 months to no avail and then trying to sell it ourselves unsuccessfully for another 3 months, we were beginning to believe that is was never going to sell. Every weekend we cleaned the house and every weekend we had a parade of folks coming through our open house, but no serious buyers. This particular weekend, we were just too tired and decided not to have an open house.  We were sitting at the dining room table talking about our predicament and wondering what our next step would be when out of the window we saw a cheerful blonde woman walking down the sidewalk. She took a fact sheet from our street display and we rushed out to the street to talk to her (we really were desperate to sell our house). This was not just any cheerful blonde woman – it was Carol Barkstrom – the Broker of Connections Realty.  We found ourselves telling her our story and she listened sympathetically. ‘I can help you” she said.  We had heard that line before from the other numerous realtors who had been attracted by our  for sale by owner signs. What can you offer us that is unique? We have tried to sell through a Realtor and on our own. What can you do that hasn’t already been done? She began to list what she offered and we began to listen. She spoke of target-specific marketing, neighborhood canvassing, and multiple media exposures. These were new ideas and concepts that weren’t just the same old, same old. Needless to say, we were impressed and enlisted her as our Realtor. We were even more surprised when she suggested that we Raise the asking price to reflect the quality product we were selling. (We thought a low price was always better for selling than a high Price). She sold our house in 15 Days!  After 180 Days with another Realtor and 90 Days of being for sale by owner, she sold our home in just over 2 Weeks!  She is creative, innovative, diligent and hard-working. We are delighted we listed with her and actually realized a much higher gain than if we had sold it ourselves.  We recommend Carol and Connections Realty to anyone selling a home but particularly to those who are beginning to believe that their House Is Never going to sell. Don’t get despondent, call Carol, she’ll sell your house!”   

June and David                                                                              

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