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Meet Adam

Adam is a Richmond native and top-ranked Wall Street analyst who has been an active real estate investor and renovator for the past ten years. He joined Connections Realty recognizing that buyers and sellers were seeking a different type of guidance from their realtor after the economic conditions of the past several years.

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While there is a wealth of real estate information available through various websites and apps, Adam believes his greatest benefit to clients is cutting through the clutter and identifying the relevant information which truly speaks to the value of a home.  Because Adam is so personally invested in real estate, he understands the spectrum of emotions which often drive buying and selling decisions. Adam helps clients balance that emotion with solid business analysis to achieve the most beneficial result for each client’s personal situation.

Adam specializes in complex negotiations and valuation of classic Richmond homes which might not have perfect comparables. Adam helps his clients derive top value whether looking for an investment property, determining the right renovations needed to enable top-dollar sale, or working with the first-time home buyer or anyone else looking for a new place to call home.